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Debs & Squires

All Saints Debs & Squires Youth Ministry Registration Form

This is a fundraising concept that requires the participation of everyone and you get to have fun while doing it!

2018 is the year of the YOUTH. We are targeting 13 - 18 year old, Girls and Boys. The aim is to have the youth raise funds with the help of their friends, families and church community. How the funds are raised will be determined by the participants, with some of the events being held by the church. A winner will be crowned in the end, but the emphasis is on participation in key areas of "community living".

The aim is to:

  • GROOM CIVIC MINDED YOUNG PEOPLE AND TO "GROW" OUR YOUTH - the program has been designed to encourage the youth to participate in various aspects of life, to gain valuable skills. This is a serving, financial, grooming, crafts, spiritual journey. The youth will become a formidable Team in the end as they work toward a common goal. The adults of the parish will impart skills and give of themselves, as they participate in this "coming of age" project.
  • FUND RAISING FOR THE CHURCH - While the aim is to raise funds, the program is also designed to teach the youth financial responsibility and encourage a spirit of giving. Throughout the year, Debutantes and Squires acquire points for charity fundraising. At the end of every year, there is an award for the Top 3 Debutantes and Squires who have raised the most money.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE & ACTIVE PARTICIPATION - To encourage active participation in the community we live in, the youth will have to participate in other events that give to those in need, e.g. soup kitchen. In the end a portion of the funds will be donated to charity. There will also be an award for active participation.

All Debs and Squires will be celebrated at a Gala Event in October 2018 in the presence of their family and friends and the Church community. They will be presented to the Bishop. This award ceremony will be held to celebrate those that have achieved in many areas - the youth and the congregation (grooming, dancing, character, fundraising, community service).

Please complete the below registration form and return it to the church.

All Saints Debs & Squires Youth Ministry Registration Form



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Said Eucharist - 07h30
Holy Communion - 09h00
Junior Worship - 09h00

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