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Easter Services

Date Time Service
18 April 7pm Maundy Thursday Service
19 April 10am Stations of the Cross (Child Friendly Service)
12-3pm Good Friday Service
21 April 5.30am Easter Morning Vigil
9am Easter Service

Lent Material

Week 1: The Nature of Grace

Week 2: The Purpose of Grace

Week 3: Grace in th Scriptures

Week 4: Grace in Jesus Christ

Week 5: Grace in the Sacraments - Part 1

Week 5: Grace in the Sacraments - Part 2


Making of Palm Crosses: Saturday, 13 April from 08h30, everyone is invited.

Tea Roster: This is on the notice board at the Welcome table. Please consider giving tea after either of the services (07h30 or 09h00).

Church Maintenance: Our next meeting will be held on 13 April. Please join in as we clean, organise and fix things around the church. Everyone is invited as many hands make light work.

Being a sharing community: A parishioner has a great idea that we would like to implement. So often, we end up with a duplicate of veggies or some have fruit trees that sometimes the surplus gets wasted or thrown away. Instead of discarding bring it on a Sunday and we can swop and share goodies with one another.

Time and Talent: The idea of having a 'Time and Talent' initiative, where everyone is given R5 to 'multiply' over the year, using their talents and selling what they make at church or to friends/ at school, has been put forward as a means of involving us all in Fund Raising this year. The Fund Raising Committee would guide the initiative, but we need someone to oversee and run with this project, if it is to succeed. It you would like to do this, please contact Beth.

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Service Times:


Said Eucharist - 07h30
Holy Communion - 09h00
Junior Worship - 09h00

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